Toyama thermostats have all the features for your comfort living and energy saving. They are easy to use. You can select the most comfortable temperature and fan speed. You can schedule the AC to switch ON and keep the area cool even before you reach the room.

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

The existing modular switch panel gets replaced with a gorgeous alternative

The device gets paired to the existing WiFi Internet connection in the building

That’s it! The lights can now be controlled by touch, by IR Remotes, by a mobile app, and by your favourite voice assistants in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

Our premium range of WiFi switches are designed to retrofit into your existing setup

Comfort living

Industry standard security practices, but we took a step further because our products are in people’s private spaces.

Energy saving

Turn ON the heater or AC before you reach home so it’s ready for you. Control your home from anywhere with our mobile and tablet apps.

Touch Control

Rename individual switches and devices, add names to your favourites to call out using your voice assistant, and change the theme of the app to suit different times of the day!

App Control

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa ready, so you can take convenience and luxury to another level and let the assistants take care of routine things.