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Wireless automation devices and solutions to control your entire building with a tap of button

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What We Do

Toyama is a home automation & modular switch company. Whether it is your home,your apartment,your cabin,your office,hotel rooms,party halls
we can automate and enhance your lifestyle.

Home Automation Complete and integrated solution to control all your devices using a ZigBee Mesh Network

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Hotel Automation Energistically visualize market-driven.

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Office Automation Enthusiastically iterate enabled portals after.

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What We Offer



Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.


Keep an eye on your house, your loved ones and your valuables. Even when you’re away and anywhere in the world.


Our smart thermostats can be scheduled to ensure your energy is optimally used and saved

Garage Door & Curtain Control

Automatically have your curtains open or close depending on the time of the day and as per your preferences.


Seamlessly control your music systems, DTH systems and televisions according to the space, time and mood that you’re in.

Appliance Management

Easily schedule geysers, coffee machines and other appliances so they’re ready before you are.

Schedule & scenarios

Movie time. Party time. Relaxing time. Bed time. Away from home. Vacation time. Change the mood with one touch


Gas, motion, smoke sensors keep your house safe and secure while also saving energy by smartly turning off lights

Video Door Phones

Have a peek at who’s at the door when they ring the bell, right on your phone, before you decide to let them in

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