Simple, frictionless control of your lighting, curtains, media devices and appliances !

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Control Your Lights, Dimmers, Fans and Appliances with a simple touch from anywhere in the world


Control your air conditioners, Thermostat with ease. Set the temperature of your room right before you arrive home to save energy and be in comfort

One-touch-home theater

Eliminate the need for multiple remotes. Have them all on your phone and integrate them with scenes to set the mood for your entertainment consumption

Smart scheduling

Schedule scenes, devices to turn on and off at a particular time, or create smart routines to turn on with reference to sunrise/sunset and intelligent recipes

Unlock the future of living smart and make your daily routine more comfortable

Add smart switches and devices to your existing or new home to transform your lifestyle and live in the future, now.

  • Everything at your fingertips: From turning on your lights to changing your room temperature, at the tap of your smartphone.
  • Run personalized schedules: Automatically turn everything off when you leave for work. Have your geyser and coffee machine on when you routinely wake up. Make it yours.
  • Talk to your home: Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do open your curtain or turn on the AC or Geyser. Or just set the mood of your house after a long day.
  • Securely control your home: Monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world, securely - we take security very seriously.

Convenience, Luxury and Familiarity

Familiar guest room management solutions without a learning curve to provide immediate convenience and comfort to guests

  • Guest room essentials: We provide sophisticated but simple controls, corridor panels, RFID key card switches, wall key panels and bed-side key panels
  • Customization to suit your hotel theme: Complete customization with the hotel logo, room number. Switches and glass plates color can be customized as per hotel theme and function.
  • Energy saving: Energy saving RFID key-card switches, thermostats with power saving mode are two essentials that greatly reduce a hotel's energy consumption without disrupting the guest's stay.
  • Welcome scene: As guests enter for the first time, a customized “welcome” scene is activated: lights turn on, curtains open and the TV displays a personalized greeting welcoming guests to the room.
  • Retrofit: Suitable for both existing and new construction hotels to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency with wired or wireless solutions

Why Toyama?

Design. Develop. Manufacture. We're in complete control

With over 30 years of manufacturing and design experience in the industry, our foundations are strong. Right from hardware to software, we do everything in-house to ensure quality and complete control over our solutions, and tend to rapidly evolving user's needs.

Use your existing devices. One app to rule them all

Smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart lights, smart TV, smart this, smart that. And another ten apps to control them. This turns what's supposed to be a convenience into a major inconvenience. Toyama's focused on working with your existing bulbs, appliances and devices and makes them smart and voice controlled.

At any stage

Whether it's a house that was built during colonial times or a new apartment that's at its finishing stages, our wireless switches can be easily setup, installed and configured in no time. We've made it painstakingly simple for electricians, integrators to have it up and running in no time.

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