Smart Plugs-Make your devices smarter

Control your devices from anywhere with our app or through voice commands, and enjoy the convenience and energy savings of a truly connected home.

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Effortlessly control your devices

Power up your home with ease

Transform your home into a smart and efficient oasis with our smart plugs! No more running around the house to turn off appliances – our plugs allow you to control your devices remotely or on a schedule, from anywhere using a simple mobile app or voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart plugs make your appliances “smart”, saving you money and energy while adding ultimate convenience to your life. Whether it’s your geyser, sprinkler system, or coffee maker, our plug has got you covered. Upgrade your home with our easy-to-use and energy-efficient plugs today!

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Why Use A Smart Plug

Remote control

Take control of your home from anywhere with our plug’s remote control feature! With just a tap on your smartphone or a voice command, you can turn your devices on or off without ever leaving the comfort.

On/off scheduling

Take control of your home appliances like never before with our smart plug’s advanced scheduling feature. Set turn on or off automatically based on a pre-set schedule, or do it manually with phone.

Energy monitoring

Get real-time data on how much energy your devices are consuming and make informed decisions to save on your electricity bill. Our smart plug gives you the power to track your energy usage.


From lamps to coffee makers, and everything in between, our smart plug can work seamlessly with a vast range of small appliances.Transform your home into a smart home with our versatile smart plug.

Away mode

Protect your home and deter potential intruders with our plug’s ‘Away Mode’ feature. Simulate occupancy by randomly turning your devices on and off while you’re away, giving the impression that someone is home.

Compact design

Don’t let bulky devices and tangled cords clutter your living space. Our smart control plug’s sleek and compact design allows it to fit into any standard electrical outlet without blocking adjacent sockets.

Our Touch Switches with Smart Plug

At our company, we believe in offering personalised solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to working with you to design and install a custom smart fan system that fits your specific requirements and budget. From energy-efficiency to enhanced comfort, upgrade your space and transform your living or working experience with our top-notch smart Plugs.

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Our features

Use your voice

With our state-of-the-art smart plug, you can control your geyser from anywhere, anytime, and never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. Upgrade to Smart Geyser Controls today and experience the ultimate in comfort and ease!

Set a scene

Take the hassle out of your daily routine with our Smart Geyser Controls! With our easy-to-use scheduling feature, you can set your geyser to turn on and off automatically without ever having to remember to do it yourself.

Turn on/off remotely

Enjoy a clean and refreshing shower the moment you step through the door with Smart Geyser Controls! With our user-friendly mobile app, you can easily turn on your geyser from your phone, ensuring that it’s hot and ready when you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a device that allows you to control your home appliances remotely using a smartphone or voice commands.It is a small Wi-Fi-enabled power adapter that plugs into a regular wall outlet and controls the flow of electricity to connected devices.

Yes, it is safe to leave appliances plugged, as long as the smart plug and the appliance are compatible and properly rated for the amount of power being used.

They are generally safe to use, as long as they are used properly and according to the our instructions. It’s important to ensure that the device being plugged into the smart plug does not exceed the maximum load capacity of the smart plug, and that the smart plug is not used with devices that require continuous power, such as refrigerators or freezers.

No, you don’t necessarily need a smart home system to use a smart plug. You can usually control the smart plug using a smartphone app, even if you don’t have any other smart home devices. However, integrating the smart plug into a smart home system can provide additional benefits and convenience.

Almost any device that uses a standard electrical outlet can be connected to a smart plug, including lamps, fans, heaters, air conditioners, televisions, and even kitchen appliances like coffee makers and other devices.