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Reasons to upgrade your home to a Toyama Home Automation Kochi

Transform your life and the way you go about your day. Automate mundane tasks

Schedule appliances like your heaters and air conditioners to have them ready when you need them

Save energy by having access to your home while you’re away and automating lights and high power devices to turn off when not needed or have them turn on with sensors and smart rules

Future-Proof your house. Technology keeps evolving. Toyama’s Home Automation System receives feature and security updates that makes sure your home doesn’t go obselete within a few years.

What You Can Automate Today

Three popular areas you can control today and much more!-Home Automation Kochi

Smart Lights

Begin your journey


Smart Curtains

Make your life easier


Smart Fans

Super charge yourself

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4 Ways To Control Your Home-Home Automation Kochi

The Classic Way with a Twist

  1. Use your switches as you typically would, but with touch controls.
  2. Doesn’t require any network or setup.
  3. Can be customised to match any interior with a range of glass colors, laser engraved icons, and text.

Old-school convenience

  1. The Toyama IR remote is great for those who want convenience but prefer an old-school approach.
  2. Elderly individuals appreciate convenience but may not want to use apps or voice assistants.
  3. The Toyama remote is familiar to them as it operates lights, fans, and other devices with ease.
  4. No need to get up from their seat, as the IR remote allows for easy operation.

Unleash the power of the Toyama Wizhom app

  1. With the Toyama WizHom app, you can fully utilize the system’s capabilities.
  2. Control your home from anywhere with ease.
  3. Apply scenes and set schedules to save energy and ensure devices are ready when you need them.
  4. Enjoy a customisable interface to fit your needs.

Your wish is my command

  1. The Google Home and Alexa apps and smart speakers offer even more possibilities.
  2. Ask Alexa to control devices like your geyser, making life more convenient.
  3. Use Google Home to schedule your lights and curtains based on the time of day.
  4. Group devices together into zones for even more streamlined control.
  5. The possibilities are endless with these powerful apps and speakers.

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