Traveling in the times of Covid-19 : paving the way to safe and contactless hotel experiences

The hospitality industry and property owners must understand that a lot of things about travel have changed drastically in the Covid-19 era much like everything else. This is where the game changing Toyama GRMS Contactless Solutions with its TouchArt switches comes into picture

The hospitality industry has been undoubtedly one of the hardest-hit sectors since the onset of  COVID-19. But, it is also one of those industries which is on its path to a fast recovery. So as people pull down all those itineraries which were shelved last year and repack their bags to travel in the new normal way, the industry must ask itself – how can it ensure that its guests have a memorable experience without having to compromise on safety? 

The hospitality industry and property owners  must understand that a lot of things about travel have changed drastically in the Covid-19 era much like everything else. Sanitized surroundings and contactless experiences are now one of the most sought after filters for booking hotel rooms. The hospitality industry must  adapt fast and make changes to ensure that their guests find the experience that they are looking for and this means reducing contact as much as possible. This is where the game changing Toyama GRMS Solutions with its TouchArt switches comes into picture. Controlling lights, room temperature, curtains, service buttons, etc in hotel rooms can be made contactless with these switches, thereby making hotel experiences safe and hygienic.

Toyama GRMS Solutions

Toyama GRMS Solutions with its tried and tested technology and over 5000 installations, ensures that not just guests, but the hotel staff too have a contactless experience. Choose what suits you best from our range of technology – Toyama Proprietary T-mesh technology, Zigbee and Wi-fi. Toyama GRMS Solutions is a favorite amongst premium players in the hospitality industry like The Taj, Hilton, Radisson Blu, Holiday Inn, Club Mahindra, Conrad, etc.

Toyama GRMS Solutions, helps you pamper your guests. A single sleek glass panel which is conveniently placed can serve all their needs. From the comfort of their beds, your guests can turn on/off lights, dim lights, open/close curtains, switch on/off other appliances like TV, control temperature of their rooms etc. A service panel with call buttons for housekeeping, room service, laundry etc can be installed to impress your guests with prompt services. Glass panels with simple icons and labels offer an intuitive experience and eliminates all confusion about which switch does what. The glass panels can be customized to match the room decor making them blend in seamlessly. 

Modular Sockets

Modular switches and sockets with the same finish as touch controls can be installed along with customised laser engraving for quick recognition. Before welcoming the next guests, the glass panel controls and switches can be easily cleaned and sanitized. For  contactless experiences, other control options like the Toyama App are available which makes Toyama GRMS Solutions ideal to use in the present times. Exposure of the guests as well as the hotel cleaning staff to potential infections from contaminated surfaces can thus be avoided.

Operating these simple yet sophisticated switches are only as difficult as using your smartphones, and hence almost effortless. The installation of these switches is as easy as their operation. To meet the ever-changing requirements of the Covid-19 era, retrofits & replacements can be easily done for existing properties . So let’s give safe, happy, and contactless experiences to all those itineraries that are about to come tumbling down the shelves! 

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