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Make every touch a smart one.

Smart touch switches allow you to easily control your home’s lighting, appliances, and other electrical devices with just the touch of a button.With smart touch switches, you can elevate your living space and enjoy the ultimate in home automation and control. Invest in a smarter future for your home with our high-quality smart touch switches today!

Toyama smart touch switches-works with capacitive touch

What You Can Control With Our Toyama Touch Switch

smart Lighting-logo

Smart Lighting

Control. Dim. Set The Mood.

smart plug-logo

Smart Plug

Effortlessly control your home electronics anytime, anywhere

Smart Fan -logo

Smart Fan

The perfect balance of efficiency, control, and comfort.

Smart Gate

Unlock the convenience of a your smart home.

Smart Curtain

Manage the natural source of light – the sun.

Other devices

Configure other devices to work with a touch switch for improved functionality.

What makes our Touch Switches Great

Toyama’s switches are made smart as the result of many years of research and perfection to craft the perfect user interface to control your home with Capacitive Touch.

Toughened Glass

Our toughened glass touch switches are perfectly designed to stand up to the test of time, delivering unbeatable durability and longevity that keeps your switches looking and feeling as good as new, always.

Robust & Future-proof Technologies

Our touch switch is the epitome of smart technology. With robust mesh network and regular over-the-air updates, it delivers the ultimate user experience and peace of mind.

Completely Customisable

Experience a touch switch that perfectly reflects your style and individuality.Simply let us know your specifications, and our team will bring your vision to life with precision and care.

Touch Switch features

Capacitance Sensing

Our capacitive touch technology ensures a fast and responsive touch response, so you can quickly and easily adjust your lights and appliances with just a touch.

Splash and Shock Proof

Our smart touch switch is designed for durability, with advanced splash and shock-proof technology. Never worry about malfunctions due to water damage or accidental shocks. Invest in a switch that lasts

Energy Efficient

Efficiency at your fingertips.Control your lights and appliances with ease, while saving on energy costs. Invest in a smarter and more sustainable home today.