Smart Fans

Breeze into the future with smart fan control

Turn your existing fan into a smart fan and have a convenient and stylish way to manage your indoor temperature and improve your overall comfort.

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Once you start using it, you can’t stop

The perfect balance of efficiency, control, and comfort.

Toyama’s smart fan controller is integrated with a unique humfree technology helps cancel out the undesirable drone of ceiling fans while offering all the conveniences of smart appliances. With scene configurations, app, voice and IR remote controls

Why Use A Smart Fan Controller

Convenience – Smart fans allow you to control your fan from your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need to physically adjust the fan.

Energy efficiency – They have energy-saving modes and the ability to set schedules, which can help to reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bill.

Improved comfort – With features such as multiple speed options and fan direction control, smart fans allow you to customize the airflow in your room.

Easy installation – Many smart fans are easy to install and do not require extensive electrical work.Install with basic handyman skills and common tools.

Enhanced aesthetic – Some smart fans come with LED lighting integrated into the fan, adding an attractive and functional lighting source to your room.

Integration with smart home devices – Smart fans can often be integrated with other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our features

Night Scene

Instead of having to turn on the fan every night to exactly the speed that you want it, add it to a scene for a comfortable sleep

Use Your Voice

Just Ask Alexa or Siri to turn on the fan and set it to your preferred setting without even having to move an inch

WizHom App

You can use the app to turn the fan on or off, change the fan speed, and control other features of the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many smart fan manufacturers offer the ability to control multiple smart fans from a single app or virtual assistant, allowing for easy control of multiple fans in different rooms.

Yes, most smart fans come with a warranty that covers defects and malfunctions. The length and terms of the warranty will vary depending on the model and brand.

The noise level of a smart fan can vary depending on the specific model and brand. Some smart fans come with noise-reducing technology or low-noise speed options, while others may produce a low humming sound even on the lowest speed setting.

A smart fan is an upgraded version of a traditional fan that comes with advanced features such as remote control, smartphone app control, voice control, scheduling, and energy-saving modes.