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Complete end-to-end wireless internet-secured home automation system

Designed, Manufactured and Developed in India. Transform your house in no-time and experience the magic of Toyama making all your lights and appliances work together.

Home Automation

WizHom – The all in one home automation app

Everything in your home under your control, under a single, secure interface. Accessible from anywhere, but only by you and whom you choose.

Smart controls start at the switch

Inadvertently disabling smart bulbs with a switch? Not with Toyama’s touch panels. Freely control your existing lights and appliances with toyama home automation!

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Complete Smart Home Automation In India

Keep your old appliances, swap out the old switches to make them smart! In no time, start controlling your lights, fans, curtains, ACs, TVs and much more!

It’s easy to get started with Toyama Switches today – Transform your home in 30 minutes.

Retrofit Design

There is no need to rewire anything. With our wide range of glass touch panels, you are assured to find one that suits your need and sits on your wall.

Home Automation Solutions

Multiple ways to control every device

Experience the power of control with Toyama switches – intelligent, multi-functional devices seamlessly managed via app, touch, IR remote, or voice assistants like Siri and alexa.

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Experience what home automation can look like in your own house. Book a free, personalized demo by our experts. Or, explore our solutions further.

Why you’ll want Toyama to be your digital home partner

Secure by design

AES-256 Bit Encryption on Device. Industry leading security practices. Designed and developed with a primary focus on ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy for users.

Easy to install

Our switches are designed to be intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to set them up quickly and effortlessly.


Our smart switches are developed with a focus on long-term usability and adaptability. They are designed to support emerging technologies & communication standards

Best Materials

High-quality construction and materials used in the manufacturing of our smart switches, ensuring overall premium product experience.

Made In India

Our switches are manufactured in India, highlighting the pride we take in supporting local manufacturing and contributing to the country’s economy.

Works With

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, HomeAssistant, and many more. Serving max compatibility to casual users and enthusiasts alike.

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