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A complete end-to-end solution. Designed, manufactured, developed in India.

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Toyama has a demonstrated history in improving our clients lives with the best solutions for their homes, apartments and buildings. Homes are getting smart, and a single unified solution is the need of the hour to orchestrate the many smart devices and appliances in our day. A single, familiar and customisable interface to control everything. With a promise of reliability, serviceability and features and support. That’s Toyama.

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Smart Lighting

Transform your home with Smart Lighting. Effortlessly set the mood, schedule lights and control them from anywhere. Enjoy energy savings and effortless control with a smarter, more efficient home.

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Smart Curtains

Automate almost all type of motorised curtains.Convenient control over light and privacy with app or voice commands. Save energy and improve home efficiency.”

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Smart Plugs

Make Any Device Smarter with Smart Plugs! Transform ordinary appliances like geysers into smart devices with ease. Schedule appliances, control them through the WizHom app or your voice.

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Smart Fans

Monitor and regulate the speed and power usage of a ceiling fan or other fans effortlessly.Turn it on/off, and set schedules to match your lifestyle. Especially convenient in the nights to adjust speed without leaving your bed.

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Smart Appliances – IR Blasters

Control all your remote-operated devices with ease using our massive database of 50,000 codes. Say goodbye to cluttered remotes and hello to seamless control with the WizHom app or even just your voice.

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RGB and Tunable White

Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with RGB lights. From dynamic color-changing effects to solid color options, these lights offer limitless possibilities. Elevate your home decor, set the mood for unforgettable parties.

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Three different ways to control devices

Replace traditional modular switches with Toyama’s touch switches and start controlling your existing lights and fans through three new ways.

Smart Remote

Unleash the power of comfort with our IR Remote! Enjoy effortless control of all switches from the comfort of your chair with our analog solution.


Unlock effortless home management with our smart home automation app. Control lighting, temperature and more with just a tap on your phone. Experience complete home control at your fingertips.


Transform your home into a smart haven with the power of voice control! With Amazon Alexa or Google Home, easily manage all your electronics and appliances with just a voice command.