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Welcome to Toyama Home Automation Solutions, where we bring your home to life with the power of smart automation.Discover the future of home automation with Toyama Smart Home. Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch smart home products and services to help you transform your home into a connected, automated haven. From smart lighting controls to smart plugs and appliances, our range of products will elevate your home living to the next level. Experience a home that’s more convenient, energy-efficient, and secure with Toyama’s Home Automation Solution.And for added peace of mind, we offer professional installation and setup services to ensure that your new smart home devices are working seamlessly.

Reasons to upgrade your home to a Toyama Smart Home

Transform your life and the way you go about your day. Automate mundane tasks

Schedule appliances like your heaters and air conditioners to have them ready when you need them

Save energy by having access to your home while you’re away and automating lights and high power devices to turn off when not needed or have them turn on with sensors and smart rules

Future-Proof your house. Technology keeps evolving. Toyama’s Home Automation System receives feature and security updates that makes sure your home doesn’t go obsolete within a few years.

Complete Home Automation Solutions

smart lighting

Smart Lighting Automation

Set the mood with the right lighting.

No matter what you are doing, or where in the house you are, Toyama’s smart lighting automation can help you adjust the lighting to create the perfect ambience.

Control the intensity and colour to get the amount of light that suits your needs and mood with this home automation solutions. Schedule different moods on the Toyama app and treat yourself to a luxurious experience.


Smart Curtains

Control nature’s light.

Smart Curtains provide convenience and control over light and privacy in your home. They can be operated through the WizHom app or voice commands.

You can set them to open/close at specific times or control them remotely, saving energy and improving your lifestyle

smart curtains
smart Dimmers

Smart Dimming Control

The key to a well-lit home.

Effortlessly adjust the brightness of lights in your home with our home automation solutions.

Enjoy the added convenience of controlling light brightness with ease and setting the right mood.


RGB Controller

The right hue at the right time.

Easily create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Transform your space with dynamic color-changing lights, or set the mood with a simple, solid color.

The possibilities are endless with RGB lights – enhance your home, set the scene for parties, or add a pop of color to your office with this essential home automation solution

RGB Controller
Smart Plug

Smart Plugs

Plug in to the future with smart control.

Make Any Device Smarter with Smart Plugs! Transform ordinary appliances like geysers into smart devices with ease.

Schedule appliances, control them through the WizHom app or your voice.


Smart Fan Controller

Get the perfect breeze, every time, with smart technology.

Transform your traditional fans into hum-free, voice and app-controlled smart fans. Effortlessly adjust fan speed, turn it on/off, and set schedules to match your lifestyle. Especially convenient in the nights to adjust speed without leaving your bed.

Smart Fan Controller
Smart gate automation

Gate Automation

Stay secure and connected with a smart gate.

Conveniently control access to your property from anywhere, anytime with just a few taps on your smartphone with one of our home automation solutions. Upgrade your security and streamline your daily routine with this must-have smart home automation solution.


IR Blaster

The ultimate solution for effortless device control.

Control All Your Remote with one of our home automation solutions – Operated Devices with Ease using the Toyama IR Blaster! With a massive database of over 50,000 codes, this IR blaster lets you seamlessly control your ACs, TVs, and more through the WizHom app or even your voice.
Say goodbye to multiple remote controls, and hello to a smarter and more organized home

IR Blaster

Home Automation Makes Your Life Better

Connecting you to the future of technology – Toyama Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

Toyama is changing the way you manage your smart home. Our smart switches are a combination of wireless technology and intuitive design, offering you maximum ease and control.

At Toyama, we believe that good design should be seamless and effortless, which is why we’ve carefully crafted our switches over 14 years to provide an exceptional user experience. From the touch technology to the modern design, every aspect of our switches reflects our commitment to excellence. Upgrade your home with Toyama’s Home Automation Solutions and experience a more intelligent, convenient and efficient way of managing your home.

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